Deanos and a pup

I graduated from college as an Industrial Engr and gave it the ‘old college try’, but quit after 5 years. Then I got into real estate, and after many successful years created some free time. My 1st art project combined tile, which I cut and shaped, along with acrylic paint. People liked it, and I did too, so I kept at it. I developed skills by working with and under artists at the Sarasota Art Center, as well well as the Studio School in Roanoke, Va. The results are in the gallery pages here.

I like to paint and express myself in many ways. I find inspiration anywhere. It could be in a beautiful landscape or beach scene, a dim-witted politician, something whimsical, my furry pets, or just something out of my imagination.

I’ve been happily married for 23 years to my lovely wife Carol. We hike the Appalachian Trail with our pups, play competitive table tennis (ping pong tournaments), and enjoy travelling.